Actor Auditions for Theatre Rhinoceros

When scripts are available and you would like to audition, please contact us and you will be sent the password to open the PDFs of the scripts.

General Audition Information

General Audition Information

Company Name:  Theatre Rhinoceros

Pay? Yes Equity? Equity and Non-equity

Details: Theatre Rhinoceros encourages performers of all ages, ethnicities, and sexualities to audition for our new season in which we will present LGBT plays representing a diversity of perspectives in the queer community.

To secure an audition please write to; Subject Line: Auditions; Body: Give your name, phone number and preferred audition slot on the audition day. For example, you would write: “My name is [John Doe,] I am a [Non-Equity/Equity] actor and I would like the 4 pm slot on audition day. My phone number is [phone number here.] Thank you.”

Unless the instructions for the specific performance has different instructions, please attach a headshot and resume. We will reply to confirm your time slot or to offer you the nearest available slot.