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John Fisher on Theatre

Theatre Rhinoceros’ Executive Director John Fisher offers commentary on the state of the dramatic arts in San Francisco and beyond. Please jump in and comment and question!

2504, 2017

Tennessee Williams

Williams the Playwright Reading Tennessee Williams this week. It almost hurts to read his plays; things I didn't at all understand when I read them in high school now ache in my heart. They're very hard plays to stage now. VERY complicated - many, many supporting characters, complicated sets, and scenes that go on much longer than a modern audience is accustomed to witness. Thus audiences usually only get Streetcar, Menagerie [...]

1704, 2017

Musical Auditions

Musical auditions are tricky. Audition books will convince you that we all sing so don't let your inability stop you from auditioning. Maybe. But when someone sings well and loud a thrill-chill runs down your spine. Robert Preston and Rex Harrison have a lot to answer for. It's very hard to consider someone for a show who talks, doesn't sing. Remember Rex and Robert were stars. And they DID sing. Listen [...]

1104, 2017

Lear! Auditions

Auditions last week for LEAR. Everyone showed up, no flakes. I put in the notice if you didn't show up and didn't cancel before hand you would not be considered for future Rhino shows. Maybe that helped. In the past, about a quarter of the auditioners were no shows. The talent level was also higher this time. Maybe because it was Shakespeare, the actors took it much more seriously. Most were [...]

1004, 2017

The Wit and Wisdom of John Fisher EXPOSED!

Theatre Rhino's Executive Director John Fisher has the itch to share informally more information about the company and his ideas on theatre. I want to have a blog that I contribute to on the website. Please set this up, give me necessary codes to access on my own so I can add entries, and please make it as easy for my to use as possible. So, born on the [...]