Musical auditions are tricky. Audition books will convince you that we all sing so don’t let your inability stop you from auditioning. Maybe. But when someone sings well and loud a thrill-chill runs down your spine. Robert Preston and Rex Harrison have a lot to answer for. It’s very hard to consider someone for a show who talks, doesn’t sing. Remember Rex and Robert were stars. And they DID sing. Listen to them on the albums. It’s not us directors who are so critical. The music directors we’re sitting there with are ruthless. “Can’t sing. Not even in ensemble.” “Doesn’t know what they’re doing. Untrained.” Even people I think sound alright they’ll say, “All over the place. Will only throw the other singers off.” Years ago I was Nathan Detroit in GUYS AND DOLLS. I couldn’t sing “Sue Me.” I said to the MD, “Well the guy on the album doesn’t sing it either.” He said, “This isn’t the album. You’re not Sam Levene. You’re singing it.” And now Sam Levene to me sounds terrible. There were some amazing voices at PRISCILLA auditions. Loud and clear and on pitch. And the singers look so happy belting it out. I can never stop them when their time’s up.