Theatre Rhinoceros does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. We’d like to read your script but there’s just not enough time.

If you have an agent you can have your play submitted by your agent. If you don’t please do the following:

  1. Read over our history and look at the last few seasons on our website. Now tell us, why are you submitting to our theatre? What about your play is like what we’ve done in the past?
  2. Send us a letter of recommendation by a theatre professional.
  3. Send us the first 10-pages or the best 10-pages of your script.
  4. Send us a 100 word bio.

Attach it all to an email and send it to If we want to read more we’ll be in touch. If you don’t hear from us it means nothing – this is all about taste, seasons, balance, staff, etc. Break a leg!

If you’ve written a play and are sending it out you’re already doing things right. If you’ve sent us a submission you should be seeing one of our shows. Let us know, and we’ll put you on the comp list for a performance. Say “Hi!” afterwards. Maybe if we got to know you and you got to know us better we’d find a way of working together.

Manuscript of a play