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“Theatre Rhinoceros continues to stage the best, most thought provoking new plays in the Bay Area.” — Vince Mediaa

Say You Love Satan

Free Staged Reading!!

by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Directed by Joe Tally

Monday January 14, 7pm (NEW DATE!)

Strut, 470 Castro Street Map It

Late one rainy night in Baltimore, Andrew—an affable graduate student researching the works of Dostoevsky—meets a handsome stranger named Jack. The two immediately hit it off and start dating, despite the fact that Andrew already has a super-duper boyfriend and that Jack has the Mark of the Beast—you know, 666—burned into his forehead. Andrew finds himself breaking things off with his super-duper boyfriend, distancing himself from his friends, and doing things that–well, they’re just not right. But then he realizes Jack wants more than a boyfriend. It’s too horrible…and he must escape.

Say You Love Satan Poster
Devil Picture

Playing Detective

Free Staged Reading!!

a new play by Jerry Metzker.
Directed by Kieran Beccia

Tuesday, February 5th

Strut, 470 Castro Street Map It

Joey has a one-night stand with a man he met through an app. Then the police show up, because Joey’s mysterious date, who has vanished into thin air, might be connected to a homicide. Against the advice of his gal pal, Sukie, and hunky roommate, Buck, Joey can’t help investigating. The two detectives on the case aren’t too thrilled with his investigations, either, but Joey can’t help himself. Does he really need to know what happened? Of course! But meddling also keeps him in touch with sexy Detective Hernandez.

Man holding a gun

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The Classic Thriller!

By Ira Levin

March 22 – April 13

The Gateway Theatre (formerly Eureka)
215 Jackson St Map It    Parking Info

SF Playwright Sidney Bruhl needs a hit, desperately. Is he willing to kill to get it? Will his wife help him? How far will their nerve take them? And what will handsome Cliff’s reaction be when he finds out?

“If you care to assassinate yourself with laughter, try DEATHTRAP.” Time Magazine Tickets go on sale in 2019

Deathtrap replaces Action Hero in this slot for the season. Action Hero will be presented later in the year.

Deathtrap Poster
Tickets Available in 2019

Theatre Rhino is Holding Auditions

Casting for Sister ActDeathtrap, and The Underpants Godot.

See the details!

Priscilla at Pride 2018

Priscilla arrives at 5 hours 4 minutes and 32 seconds into the video
YouTube lets you get close to that moment by clicking on this link!

Congratulations, Rudy!

Rudy Guerrero won the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for Best Principal Actor in a Musical (houses with 100-300 seats)!! 

The award was for his performance in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in 2017.


Click on Rudy’s picture to see him receive the award!

Congratulations to John Fisher!

John was named Best Actor at the United Solo Festival in New York for his October 25, 2017 performance of A History of World War II, The D-DAY invasion to the Fall of Berlin. And, thanks to Leah Garchik for her mention of the award in her December 11, 2017 column.

John Fisher, Best Actor, in A History of World War II, The D-DAY invasion to the Fall of Berlin.

London’s The Stage Interviews John Fisher

The Stage interviews John Fisher

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