San Francisco’s Live Queer Theater — Theatre Rhinoceros
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Theatre Rhinoceros — San Francisco’s Live Professional Queer Theater

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“Theatre Rhinoceros continues to stage the best, most thought provoking new plays in the Bay Area.” — Vince Mediaa

The Boy from Oz

by Nick Enright & Martin Serman
Directed by John Fisher

October 26 – November 17th

The Gateway Theatre (formerly Eureka)
215 Jackson St Map It

A fun and raucous musical by Nick Enright and Martin Sherman about songwriter, entertainer, and gay icon, Peter Allen.

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The Boy from Oz Poster

Unmerciful Good Fortune

Free Event!
Staged Reading!!

by Edwin Sanchez
Directed by Leticia Duarte

Tuesday, November 6 @ 7 – 9pm

Sparks Art Gallery
4229 18th Street, San Francisco (Between Diamond and Collingwood Streets) Map It

Arrogant young Puerto Rican Fatima, who works as a counter girl at a fast-food restaurant, has been arrested for the murder of 14 people, poisoned at her workplace. Young attorney Jeremy has been assigned to defend her. Fatima claims she has been blessed or cursed with psychic powers. By merely clasping the hand of an individual, she tells her translator, Maritza, she can immediately grasp everything about him/her including past, future, and innermost secrets. She says that her murders were mercy killings: She “read” each of her victims and killed them because they wanted to die. Maritza is first incredulous, then indignant at Fatima’s playing God. She firmly resists letting Fatima clasp her hand, but Fatima is persuasive, constantly shifting from pugnacious, foul-mouthed street girl to wise and wily seductress to gentle, compassionate young woman. Maritza finally offers up her hand, yielding her secrets and placing her fate in Fatima’s grasp.

Unmerciful Good Fortune

Priscilla at Pride 2018

Priscilla arrives at 5 hours 4 minutes and 32 seconds into the video
YouTube lets you get close to that moment by clicking on this link!

Congratulations, Rudy!

Rudy Guerrero won the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for Best Principal Actor in a Musical (houses with 100-300 seats)!! 

The award was for his performance in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in 2017.


Click on Rudy’s picture to see him receive the award!

Congratulations to John Fisher!

John was named Best Actor at the United Solo Festival in New York for his October 25, 2017 performance of A History of World War II, The D-DAY invasion to the Fall of Berlin. And, thanks to Leah Garchik for her mention of the award in her December 11, 2017 column.

John Fisher, Best Actor, in A History of World War II, The D-DAY invasion to the Fall of Berlin.

London’s The Stage Interviews John Fisher

The Stage interviews John Fisher

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